What is a Resolution?

A resolution is a written statement that, when adopted by the House of Delegates, is the basis for the policies and actions of the Georgia Association of Nursing Students.  Resolutions are presented on matters of importance to GANS, its members and constituent associations, nursing, and the health needs of the public.  For example, resolutions may address issues relevant to nursing education, nursing practice, state regulations for nursing, etc.  A resolution is composed of two parts: the “whereas” clauses that summarize, with documentation, the reasons and rationale for the resolutions; and the “resolved” clauses that contain the position to be taken on the issue and/or actions to be taken by GANS, its constituent associations, and its members.  These components of resolutions are described in detail below.


Why Write a Resolution?

Submitting a resolution to the House of Delegates at our annual convention is a good way to bring an issue that is important to you to the attention of nursing students across the state.  Even if your resolution is not adopted, many students will have been exposed to the issue it addresses.  If it is adopted, then various relevant organizations will be notified that GANS holds a particular position on the issue addressed.  When educators, policymakers, and the public learn that we have adopted a particular resolution in our House of Delegates, they know that a great deal of support for the position expressed in the resolution exists among Georgia nursing students.  Additionally, the process of writing a resolution is a great opportunity to become more knowledgeable about issues affecting the profession of nursing, and presenting a resolution to the House of Delegates is great practice in public speaking.  Experience in writing and presenting resolutions now will form a strong foundation for professional involvement throughout your career.