About GANS

The purpose of GANS is to assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education to provide for the highest quality of health care, to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interest and concerns, and to aid in the development of the whole person, including an understanding of the professional role of a nurse, and his/her responsibility for the health care of all people.

The function of GANS is to have direct input into standards of nursing education and influence the educational process, to influence health care, nursing education, and practice through legislative activities as appropriate, to promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities towards improved health care and the resolution of related social issues, to represent nursing students to the consumer, to institutions and other organizations, to promote and encourage students’ participation in interdisciplinary activities, to promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities and educational opportunities regardless of race, color, creed, sex, lifestyle, national origin, age, or economic status, and to promote and encourage collaborative relationships with the Georgia Association for Nursing Education, and Georgia Nurses Association, as well as other nursing and related organizations.

GANS is an organization made up of 1,929 nursing students in the state of Georgia.  Roughly 1,025 of the 1,929 GANS members are from total membership schools.  Total membership schools are schools that offer NSNA membership as part of their student fees.  These schools pay for member dues at once, allowing for students to sign up as a group upon enrollment, and offering a discount on the NSNA portion of their dues as a result.

  • Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University:  326 members
  • Georgia Gwinnett College:  136 members
  • Gordon State College:  223 members
  • The Nell Hodgson School of Nursing at Emory:  340 members

Information on the Total Enrollment Program with NSNA can be found here.